3 Different Kinds Of Garage Doors Available


Many of us across the United Kingdom have garages, but we never use them. They have now become mini laundrettes or storage rooms and you couldn’t get your car in there even if you tried. However, unfortunately, crime in the UK is on the increase, especially vehicle theft and insurance companies are encouraging those that have garages to start putting their cars in there. However, the door on your garage has seen better days and it’s time for a new one. Garage doors have come on a lot in recent years and now there are more to choose from.

The selection of doors is excellent and you can even now get an automatic garage door in Basingstoke. Let me tell you a little bit more about the this door and the other doors that are available.

  1. The traditional up-and-over door is still available, but with many improvements. It now has a bigger springs which makes it much easier to open and close.

  1. As mentioned before, you can now have your garage door automated, so that it opens and closes at the touch of a button or the turn of a key. This makes life so much easier and if you get it with a remote, even more so.

  1. The automatic doors even come with a sensor that you can place on your driveway and when you pass the garage door ahead of you begins to open. When you arrive, you simply drive in.

Give your local garage door supplier a call and see what they can offer you. Putting the car in the garage will reduce your insurance premium.











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