Accents to Go with a White Sofa



The white couch has had a bad rep for a while. It’s true that it gets easy to get stained by red wine, coffee, and other spills. However, you can search for “furniture repair near me” and get those stains removed or your couch repaired from a nearby repair shop. While a white sofa may need a bit more maintenance, it gives you a lot of options for decorating the room with different accents. Let’s check out some of them:

The Accents

  1. Wooden Room – A white couch looks fantastic with wooden accents around it. That includes everything from the floor to the walls and the side table. If you have hardwood flooring under the white couch, consider adding wood panels on the walls instead of painting them. Your white sofa pops out with all its brilliance in a wooden room. You can take it to another level by adding hints of gold to the room. For instance, the side table can have a lamp with gold accents on them or the coffee table could have legs with golden accents.
  1. Monochromatic room – Another way of making a white couch work is with a monochromatic room. When people think monochromatic, they usually associate it with boring style. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can add a lot of texture to a monochromatic room to add points of interest.

For instance, you can have a pitched ceiling, cream curtains, glass sculptures, and more. A monochromatic room also looks amazing with the right lighting. Moreover, the windows can be highlighted with black borders and the couch could be accentuated with gray and black throw pillows.

  1. Add contrast – Most people like to add hints of black to a monochromatic room with white as the predominant color. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. You can balance it all out with contrast. If you have a white sofa with a couple of white armchairs around a wooden table, consider having a black accent wall.

With a black accent wall, you can have white paintings or white marble pieces to highlight the contrast. You can also paint certain sections of the wall white and have black cabinets for contrast and tie in the theme of the room. The sofa can be over a black carpet with sharp edges while the ceiling can be completely white for contrast. 

  1. Add performance fabric – White sofas look brilliant. However, it’s undeniable that they also get soiled pretty easily. You can overcome this disadvantage and add interesting accents to the sofa with a performance fabric. Performance fabric includes olefin or chemically treated acrylic material that is highly resistant to spills and can be easily cleaned in the washer.

Performance fabrics also come in a wide variety of colors and textures. You can stick to white to blend in with the sofa or choose interesting colors and textures to complement it. This doesn’t just make the white sofa easy to clean but allows you to add a lot of character to its blank white canvas.

  1. Go all white – There’s no hard and fast rule that says a white sofa needs to be surrounded by bright and bold accents. Instead, you can go full throttle on all-white decor. This doesn’t just give a minimal look to the room but also helps to visually expand the space. That’s a great option for small living rooms. If all white isn’t your thing, you can tone it down with natural and neutral tones.

That includes light ash throw pillows, off-brown carpets, an off-white coffee tabletop, and more. The decor goes up a notch when you surround the sofa with vintage pieces made of metal, clay, and wood.

  1. Make a statement with primary colors – Adding primary colors around the sofa is a great way to make a style statement. That doesn’t mean you need to add super bright and saturated colors that are visually overwhelming. Instead, moderately bright colors with a few super bright highlights go perfectly well with a white sofa to balance it out.

Imagine a white sofa with gray walls and a gray or pastel blue table. Add blue pillows with complex patterns, put a bright red tray on the table with a few colorful stones on it. You can also add touches of olive green and some plants to go along with it.

  1. Create a coastal oasis – A white couch can also be the finishing touch to a coastal-themed room. That includes light brown rugs, plenty of wooden accents, and pieces of rattan and bamboo furniture or showpieces. You can complement it with rattan light pendants and also place a few potted plants strategically. This kind of setup will immediately transport you to a beach bungalow setting and get you in a relaxing mood when you sit on your white couch.
  1. Go back in time – If you have a mid-century tufted-style white couch, you can stick to the theme and go back in time. A white-tufted couch has a traditional look and may seem out of place if you don’t jazz up the room with the same decor. That means adding wood panels, boxy furniture pieces, and a few tall bulbous and cylindrical vintage lamps. 
  1. Budget-friendly accents – Panels, lamps, furniture pieces, and carpets can add different types of accents and textures around the white couch. However, all of them are expensive options. To make it work in a budget-friendly way, you can pile on a bunch of pillows and blankets on the couch. They can be of different colors, textures, some fuzzy, others smooth.


A white sofa is like a blank and neutral canvas that looks amazing with all kinds of accents around it. From the wall to the table and chairs around the sofa, you have plenty of accent options. On the other hand, if your white sofa gets stained or damaged you can get it repaired by pros by searching for “furniture repair near me”.

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