Common Warning Signs That Your Home Needs An AC Repair!


This is the time of year when households all over the country are switching their HVAC systems from heating to cooling, which means they’re subsequently using their air conditioners for the first time in months.

Although this is an exciting time of year because it means summer is right around the corner, it can also pose problems in the forms of an ac repair and other HVAC issues. This is why it’s so important for homeowners to be well aware of certain red flag warning signs associated with air conditioner malfunctions.

So below are some of the warning signs you should be on the lookout for when you think you may be in need of an AC repair job at your house:

Warm Air Is Coming Out Of Your AC System

It’s never a good thing when your AC system is blowing out warm air, because your air conditioner has one specific job, which is to provide your household with indoor air comfort during hot, humid days each summer.

And we all know just how stressful it can be when an AC system malfunctions during a serious heat wave, because this scenario can even force people into hotels until busy HVAC specialists have the time to show up. So it’s crucial to recognize warning signs of warm air and reach out to your HVAC specialists before the issue gets much worse!

Your AC System’s Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

Air conditioners are crucial for every home’s indoor climate, and every AC system is reliant upon its thermostat. Thermostats provide the essential information that an AC unit needs to generate the adequate amount of cool air based upon a household’s needs, and AC thermostats are becoming incredibly tech-savvy these days.

But of course thermostats of all types can malfunction and cause serious headaches for property owners, and there are plenty of warning signs associated with thermostat repairs.

No matter why your AC system’s thermostat isn’t working properly, it’s going to require an HVAC specialist to get it back to normal again.

Your Vents Aren’t Blowing Out Enough Air

Weak air flow is another common issue associated with failing AC systems, because your air conditioner won’t do you any good if the vents are only weakly blowing out the cool air into your home.

This type of issue is commonly connected to a failing compressor, as well as air duct clogs and other issues. Because there are a few different issues that could be connected to your lack of proper air flow, it’s important to contact an HVAC team for an inspection and necessary tune-up.

Your AC Unit Is Making Loud Noises

If you’re hearing any abnormally loud noises coming from your AC system, it’s a serious warning sign that needs to be immediately addressed by professionals. Some of these strange sounds can include scraping, grinding or squealing noises from your unit.

Be sure to contact your HVAC specialists to get the noises inspected, because this type of issue can quickly lead to even more costly damages if neglected for too long!

Your AC Is Emanating Strange Smells

Another common AC repair is when a unit is giving off strange smells. This type of issue is typically associated with burnouts within the unit, and it can also be connected to mold developments within your ductwork.

It’s crucial to get these types of strange smells inspected by HVAC pros, because neglecting these odors can potentially lead to health problems for your entire household!

Your AC Isn’t Eliminating Enough Indoor Humidity

One crucial job of your AC system is to eradicate excessive humidity levels within your home, because high humidity can make your home feel extremely uncomfortable.

So when you’re noticing abnormally high humidity levels on your system’s thermostat, it means the unit isn’t functioning properly and needs to be repaired.

Contact Your AC Repair Team When You Notice Issues Associated With Your Home’s HVAC System!

The above AC repair warning signs are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what potentially can happen to your home’s system, so it’s always important to regularly inspect your unit and be extra cautious when you notice any abnormalities.

You can learn more about common HVAC repairs by going through the hyperlink to the Beehive Heating & Air website at the top of this page. The Beehive Team will be more than happy to answer your questions, and give you a better idea as to what exactly is currently happening within your home’s AC system!

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