Considerations Before Buying a Cabin Resort Property


When looking for a way out of the nine-to-five grind, perhaps you envision owning and operating a cabin resort enterprise, where your lucky guests can relax in a pristine setting. However, you do need to do your homework about the ins and outs of running such an operation. What are some of the general considerations you need to make to ensure your success? As you gaze from your Adirondack chair toward a cabin-resort sunset, take stock of these measures before finalizing your endeavor.

Decide on the Location

Before you dive in, decide where you want to establish your post. The answer may be determined by a few underlying questions: Will the resort be open year-round or only during specific seasons? Will you be happy with what the location and surrounding area offer to you and your family? In either case, the location needs to provide enough visitor attractions to keep the resort afloat.

Assess Initial and Ongoing Costs

The condition of the cabins and surrounding property can determine to what degree you may need to plan for restoration and ongoing maintenance. For one thing, you must assess the condition of each cabin. For example, prepare for electrical upgrades or oil tank removal Westchester County NY if your inspection determines you need to perform system upgrades. At the same time, you need to know what ongoing tasks, such as grass reseeding, will require annual investments.

Envision Your Offerings

When floating your dream, you will have to face the reality of how you will keep your guests entertained. Ask yourself, will your resort focus be on fishing, skiing or some other recreational pursuit that makes sense in its surroundings? As you make this assessment, you will have to look at how you will offer your amenities: as rental add-ons or as attached to resort fees.

Note Management Duties

As an owner-operator, you will take a hands-on role in keeping the resort functioning — day after day after day. Ask yourself, do you have the energy and skills to follow through? Sharing duties with family members can certainly lighten the load. You may also need to employ a caretaker or manager to perform tasks that you do not have the ability to accomplish. You would need to determine if such a hire can fit within your budget.

Owning and running a recreational cabin resort can be a great lifestyle choice. You must research whether or not the hard work of operating the facility can pay off, however. Turning over every stone (and log) during your quest can help ensure you are stepping into the right venture for you.

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