FAQs About Heater Repair Projects In Columbus OH


It’s normal to have questions about your home’s HVAC system, because it’s what ultimately keeps your entire household comfortable during the harsh summer and winter months.

And in cities like Columbus OH, there’s plenty of weather fluctuations that pose threats to HVAC systems—which lead to repairs and replacements. The heater repair columbus oh experts at Yoder HVAC are some of the top industry specialists in the Columbus metro area, and they’ve answered a series of FAQs (frequently asked questions) that homeowners have about heating repair projects.

So, keeping reading to see if your pressing concerns are answered below!

Is it bad when refrigerant is coming out of my unit’s heat pump?

Refrigerant leaks of any kind are always a troubling warning sign for your heat pump and entire HVAC system, and this is because refrigerant is supposed to cycle within a closed loop that doesn’t allow for dissipation or evaporation.

When you have to add refrigerant to your system, it subsequently means that you have a leak that’s impacting your unit. Refrigerant products are also detrimental to the nearby environment, so it’s important to appropriately handle these leaks as quickly as you can.

How do HVAC leak inspections work?

If you suspect that your heater is experiencing a leak, then this ultimately isn’t a DIY inspection that you can conduct on your own. You’re going to need the support of HVAC technicians who understand the ins and outs of your unit, and can apply the correct techniques to pinpoint the leak’s origin.

Many HVAC teams these days will utilize electronic leak detectors, and these professional-grade tech advancements are best left in an expert’s hands.

How can I protect my HVAC unit and keep it from getting dirty?

You can trim your bushes and plants that are near your HVAC unit to ensure proper airflow and reduce the likelihood of incoming debris. You should also try to keep your pets away from your HVAC unit, and invest in seasonal maintenance appointments to ensure its long-term functionality and cleanliness.

What does it mean when ice is building up on my unit?

It’s unfortunately common for people to see ice or frost building up on their HVAC unit, and this is typically an issue in Columbus during the winter months. This issue is caused by your heat pump’s coil being colder than outdoor air.

What should I do if I smell gas in my home?

Smelling gas within your home is a dangerous situation that you absolutely must take seriously. When this type of situation is occurring, be sure to evacuate you and your family members and pets as soon as possible. You’ll need to reach out to your municipality’s gas company, as well as the fire department—and then stay away from your property until you’re told that it’s safe to return.

What does it mean when my electric bill is abnormally high?

This could be an indication that something is wrong within your electrical system, and this is especially the case if you have a heat pump. Most heat pumps come with backup electrical heaters, and these backups could be operating more frequently during the winter months when outdoor units are more susceptible to wear and tear.

These types of issues should only be handled by professional technicians who have the experience to diagnose your property’s electrical output and guide you toward returning your electric bill back to normal.

Why should my heater undergo annual checkups?

Heater and other consumption equipment should be checked on an annual basis for a whole variety of reasons, and this is the suggested maintenance timeline that’s handed down from the EPA. Professionals simply need to clean, inspect and tune-up heaters on a yearly basis to ensure that they’re in proper working order—which means inspecting for potential leaks and lingering repair issues.

This means that your furnace and water heater need to be inspected by your HVAC technicians each fall!

Contact Yoder HVAC When You Need A Heater Repair Columbus OH!

It’s tough to feel as though you’re informed about your heater and overall HVAC system, because these systems are so complex—and getting all of your questions answered can feel as though you’re running on a hamster wheel.

The good news is that there are plenty of heater repair experts in the Columbus OH area who can continue this type of conversation and answer any other pressing concerns that you have, and one of the best HVAC companies in Columbus is Yoder HVAC.

The Yoder HVAC team is available to answer your heater repair questions when you go to their website via the hyperlink located at the top of this page!

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