Should You Pay for Carpet or Go with Another Floor Covering?


Lots of people have carpets in their homes and offices but there has been an explosion in the quality of other excellent floor coverings. Vinyl tiles, for example, have really made an impact and are an excellent choice. There are also many people who love the feel and look of wood so why should we even consider laying down carpets in our homes and offices anymore?

Why Go with Carpet?

If your floors at home are looking a little rough around the edges and they have definitely seen better days, you might be wondering whether you should have a look at carpets. The good news is that you can buy many different styles of carpet in Auckland at excellent prices from certain suppliers. So, why should you go with carpet for your home of office? Consider the following:

  • Aesthetics: The fact is that carpets come in a really wide range of colours and styles. There is simply no other type of floor covering that can match the versatility and style of carpets. From patterned carpets to classic cream-coloured shag pile, carpets can match every type of décor. This makes them the perfect interior design tool.
  • Feel: There is nothing quite the same as the feel of a nice carpet beneath bare feet. The right kind of carpet is warm and soft underfoot, making it the ideal choice for family and living areas in the home. The psychological quality of carpet in this context should not be underestimated and this feeds into the perception of carpets as being signals of luxury.
  • Insulation: One quality that many people don’t think about is the fact that carpets can act as insulators. Carpeted floors can actually help to save on electrical bills as they function as a layer of insulation between the climate indoors and the floor.
  • Sound and Noise: Did you know that homes and offices that feature hardwood floors or tiles are actually noisier? The sound waves in these environments bounce off hard surfaces and echo around the place. Carpet will actually absorb sound waves and carpeted areas are generally quieter because the sound waves cannot bounce off as many hard surfaces.
  • Safer: Once again, another overlooked property of carpeted areas is that they tend to be safer. Hard and slippery floors can cause slips, trips, and falls. A carpeted surface has more grip and is also softer to land on.

Taking Care of Your New Carpet

Whether the new carpet is in the home or office, it is important to ensure that it is cleaned and well maintained. While it is true that carpet can certainly look a little worn after heavy foot traffic, a good steam clean can revive the fibres and eliminate dust, debris, and other allergens that become trapped in the deep fibres.

There are good reasons why carpet has been the default floor covering choice for decades. It is soft, warm, and sustainable. Furthermore, there are so many different styles from which to choose!

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