Skirting Boards Vs Torus Architrave- Which Is The Better Option?


Are you planning for the renovation of the house? Choosing the torus architrave as per the profile of the house is a must to give it an attractive look. There are varieties of options available in the market at the current time; you can choose the one that is as per the look of the area.

Even some substitutes for the skirting boards are there that give a far better finish to the area. Normally going for the Torus architrave is a good decision as it offers a house with a finished look.

What Are Architraves?

The use of the architraves is mainly to mold or trim around the available doors and windows.  It is not the case that they are structurally necessary as they do not offer any amount of support to the windows or the doors; even they are not bound to hold any of the building material in a single bound.

 If the windows and doors are without the architraves then the area might look completely dull and empty. A person who will look at a time will find that something is missing from the section. if there is any imperfection in the area of the windows or the doors then you can use the architraves for making the area look perfect as per your choice.

How To Differentiate Skirting Boards And Architraves

  • Both the materials are the molding that works as a link between the plasterboards and timber. The manufacturing has been done of it to clear the imperfection that is being noticed in the windows. But still, there are differences noticed in the functions of the skirting boards and architraves.
  • The biggest and most noticeable difference between the two is the place where their installation is being done. Skirting boards are available along the base of the interior walls that protect them from bumps and other issues. Conversely, the architraves frame the edge of the rectangle shape that is available in the doors and windows.
  • Both options are known to have the feature of decorating the area based on the place where you are planning to use the one. A variation in the cost and style of the boards will be there based on your choices.

How The Modern Architraves Have Been Made From?

There is a variety of materials used in making the architraves including hardwood, softwood, and even timber. Their manufacturing is done from the MDF which gives them a cost-effective alternative for the wood.  There are some situations in which they turn out to be a good option especially when the temperature is too high or cold.

You can choose the material of the moldings based on the consistency that you wish to have. the home that was built in the past time makes use of high-quality products than the one that is made in the current time.

The materialistic options used in making the modern architraves are so high in number that you will have options.

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