Tips To Achieve Farmhouse Style In Your Home


Achieving the farmhouse style in your home doesn’t take actually living on a farm.  Farmhouse design revolves around comfort and warmth.  Farmhouse design can also be country, modern, coastal, and more.  

If you’re working to get a certain feel inside your home, take a quick time out to learn a little more about how to achieve the design you see in your head.  Here is a brief look at a few tips to help you get one step closer to the farmhouse feel you desire.  

Nature is always a good addition

You don’t actually have to live on a farm or have a silage storage on your property to really make the farmhouse feeling come to life, but bringing nature indoors will help you achieve your stylish goals.  

Choosing the right type of indoor foliage is what will drive your style home.  Steer clear of tropical plants, and look for a nice olive tree or some eucalyptus branches instead.  

Make old things become new

You can move closer to the farmhouse by making some of the old things around your house look new again.  Repurposing old furniture pieces and decorative accents will give your farmhouse goals a vintage pop.  

You may not have any heirloom pieces just lying around your house, but there’s still hope.  You can always purchase or repurpose pieces that are vintage-inspired instead.  

Focus specifically on the kitchen 

The kitchen and dining area of your house are the central hub for really taking the farmhouse design home.  A perfect farmhouse kitchen is centered around function.  

You want deep sinks, a large and blocky island, and bar top seating to make the kitchen more welcoming while you cook.  Keep your backsplash clean with a simple white subway tile and open shelving up the walls.  

Paint is your friend 

The paint you choose to color your home is a powerful tool when you’re working towards a farmhouse feel.  Painted furniture is a signature of the style, so go heavy on the color.  

Try painting an old wooden coffee table white and taking the time to make it look distressed.  When painting the walls, keep your colors cool and neutral.  However, a bold blue for an accent wall could really help to spice things up without losing that farmhouse feel.  

Farmhouse decor ideas 

When considering smaller decor to work into your farmhouse look, consider barn boards for shelving, butcher block countertops, slipcovers on the seating, and/or wicker baskets to really bring your design style to a head.  

Overall, remember that a farmhouse feel is all about comfort and welcoming family and friends into an accommodating space.  Light colors, stripped down woods, and live plants are elements that will help you tie it all together.  

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