3 Interior Indicators That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced


While it’s usually pretty obvious from the outside of a home when the roof needs to be replaced, you can often find signs from the inside of the home as well. Especially if you’re up in the attic area or the top levels of the home, there are generally obvious indicators that things with your roof might not be up to snuff. And when that happens, you may need to start thinking about replacing your roof.

To help you know if this is something that you should be taking care of in the near future, here are three interior indicators that your roof needs to be replaced. 

Water Stains On Walls Or The Ceiling

One of the biggest signs that your roof isn’t doing what it should is if you see stains showing up on the ceiling or the tops of the walls within your home. This will usually be water stains, which means that water is soaking into your ceiling and walls somehow.

If you’re on the first level of the home and see these types of stains and discoloration, you might just be looking for a leak in some of your plumbing from upstairs. But if you’re in the top level of your home or the attic, the likely culprit is a hole or leak in your roof that’s allowing water from outside to seep in

Issues With Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Another sign that you might be having problems with your roof is if you start noticing issues in and around your bathroom exhaust fans. 

With your bathroom exhaust fan, the steam from the bathroom is pumped out of the roof. This requires some flashing to be around the part of the roof where the exhaust fan comes out. But if this flashing gets damaged, it can start leaking water in and around the exhaust fan. This can be shown through water damage around the ceiling where the fan is. You might also notice issues with the function of the actual fan if water has gotten into its mechanical workings. 

Visibility To The Outdoors

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if you have holes in your roof from the outside of the home, as everything in your attic area can look dark from the exterior. But if you’re able to get into the attic of your house, it will usually be a lot more obvious if you have holes or cracks in your roof.

What you’ll be looking for from your attic is any visibility to the outdoors. If you can see sunlight or the sky through your roof, you’re going to want to take immediate action to get your shingles or your roof replaced so that you can seal your home back up and protect your property and your family. 

If you’re standing inside your home and want to be able to tell if your roof is having issues, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know what to be on the lookout for. 

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