4 Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Home  


Let’s face it, nobody loves cleaning— well, most sane people anyway.  Yet, cleaning your home is an important part of making it look nice, and keeping your family safe. Like it or not, some things just have to get deep cleaned at least once a year. 

After all, a house is much more enjoyable to live in when it’s probably maintained. Here’s your all-in-one guide to getting your home as clean as possible during deep cleans. 

Clean Your Floors 

One of the first places you should start when cleaning your home is the floors. The floors are where everyone’s feet touch all day long, where food gets dropped, and anything else that you have in your house. (If you have animals, your floors might be extra grungy.) 

So, if you have carpets, you should make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. A deep shampoo once a year will ensure that you don’t have years of buildup. If you have wood or tile floors, use an appropriate cleaning product designed for that material, and scrub. Not only will you feel like your house is much cleaner with clean floors, but they’ll look better too.  

Don’t Forget The Dust 

Some people don’t realize all the places where dust accumulates. Dust can creep up all over your home, so it’s important that you get rid of it in all of the nooks and crannies. You may have to pull out shelves, get behind paintings, and get under furniture, but it will be well worth ridding your house of unnecessary dust. Not to mention the air you breathe will be much cleaner as well. If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, you’ll be doing them a great favor by getting rid of all the allergens. 

Scrub The Tub 

It’s time to move on to the dreaded bathroom!  Since scrubbing your toilet is already part of your regular cleaning routine, we’ll let that slide.  However, we’re not going to forget the importance of scrubbing the tub. Even if your tub looks nice, there’s probably all sorts of buildup that may not be visible to the eye. 

A deep scrub is important every now and then beyond just a wipe down. Depending on where you live, you may also want to consider descaling your tub if there is mineral buildup 

The Nooks and Crannies 

During a deep cleaning session, you want to make sure that you get all of those places that you don’t normally reach. That means getting into nooks and crannies, light switches, tops of frames, lampshades, and window shades. Get to all those places that you don’t necessarily get to on a daily basis. 

There’s no need to do a deep clean all the time, but it’s important that it gets done at least once or twice a year!

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