5 Trendy Interior Wall Paints Colours for a Minimalistic Home


Your wall colours set the mood of your home. People who are aiming for a minimalistic home must make sure that they pick hues from the paint catalogue which are easy on the eyes and don’t look chaotic.

If you have a minimalist house, your walls will most probably be the showstopper in every room as you wouldn’t be having too many décor elements around the house. Hence, you must give serious thought to which hues you want to use for every room in your home.

Looking for trendy interior wall paints and interior design inspiration for your home? Lucky for you, we have handpicked 5 stunning wall paints that you can consider using for your place in 2022.

  1. Pale Blue 

There is something about blue walls which instantly makes a room feel airy and light. Blue is known to be a calming and zen colour and hence it is a great choice for people with minimalistic houses. It also serves as a perfect backdrop if you are planning to introduce statement furniture pieces in your space. This colour would look great in the living room, bedroom and bathroom.

  1. Cream 

Slightly less common than white, this warm neutral hue screams minimalism and elegance. People who want a mellow and subdued wall colour that will bring a relaxed feel to your room must give this colour a serious thought. The cream is such a versatile colour that it looks good for every room from your living room, dining room, bedroom to your kitchen and home office. A pro tip is to use a combination of cream and white for your room if you want to break the monotony and elevate the overall aesthetic of your room.

  1. Bright Yellow 

We are talking about sunshine yellow. Nothing screams joy and optimism like the colour yellow. People with minimalistic houses can consider going for a statement bright yellow wall colour as the rest of the décor elements in the room would be minimalistic. Bright yellow would look great in the living room, dining room or your kid’s room. If you are too hesitant to take the plunge and choose the brightest yellow shade from the paint catalogue, then you can go for a butter yellow or other soft hues of yellow.

  1. Tangerine 

Tangerine is yet another bold and eccentric colour that you can consider for your minimalistic house. This colour exudes optimism, playfulness and joy and instantly brings a space to life. You can use tangerine for an accent wall in your living room, kitchen, dining room or your kid’s room. This colour will instantly remind you to stop taking life so seriously and let loose and enjoy the present. People who have a bohemian or tropical themed home interior design must consider trying this quirky and unexpected colour for their space.

  1. Olive 

Yet another unexpected interior wall paint colour which is bold yet acts as a neutral hue. People who want their home to feel traditional, slightly rustic and cabin style can consider using this hue in their house. This subtle colour instantly makes a place look cosy and clutter-free. A pro tip is to use olive for your kitchen, bathroom or your home office.

You must keep in mind the landscape on which the house is located, functionality of a room, the traffic of any space and the overall theme of your house before you choose a colour for your space. When designing a minimalistic house, you can either go for a muted neutral hue or go for a statement one that will serve as the main highlight of the room.

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