Tips To Decorate Your Home Using Area Rugs!


It’s understandable if you’re a bit stressed out about decorating your home, because after all interior design is a really complex industry full of way too many options!

One way to bring rooms together is to first invest in an area’s centerpiece, which is many times an area rug. Area rugs are wonderful design elements because they can complement existing furniture setups and totally transform a room’s ambience, but there’s a lot that you need to know about decorating your home with area rugs.

The experts at Rug Source Charlotte NC have helped us develop this list of tips about area rug decorating, so take it from the industry specialists in that these are the décor tips you should keep in mind when implementing rugs into your home!

Using Your Area Rugs To Define Household Areas

Rugs are great décor tools to define areas within open floor plans, which can help bring some cohesion towards what areas are meant for throughout your home. A good example of this is when a living room butts up against a dining room in an open space, because a fancy Oriental rug can serve as the division point to let you and your guests know that they’ve entered your more formal dining room area.

Developing A Natural Ambience

A lot of people love implementing a nature theme into their living areas, and this can include both forest and beach vibes. These types of ambience themes are great when it comes to giving a room a specific feeling that you want to convey, and area rugs can go a long way when you’re going in this décor direction.

The color, texture and shape of your flooring designs will play a major role in how you’ll provide the type of natural ambience you’re looking for!

Be Sure To Choose Your Colors Wisely!

Rug shopping can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you’re browsing through seemingly infinite online inventories. This is why rug shoppers need to do their own due diligence when it comes to choosing their colors and designs, because these factors will play a major role in your room’s décor.

Just remember that vibrant colors will be more eye-catching, whereas more neutral hues will blend in with everything else.

Try Avoiding Rug Layering (Unless It’s What You Want!)

A lot of people will only place one rug in a specific area to provide a sense of organization and décor cohesion, but rug layering is a design technique that has become very popular in recent years. This is the idea in which you’ll place two or more rugs on top of one another to create a unique appearance.

Rug layering can be a great option if you’re prepared and know exactly what it’ll look like in the end, because otherwise you can potentially create a cluttered, unpleasant appearance that’s best to be avoided!

Consider Unique Rug Shapes

You don’t always have to get a conventional, rectangular area rug for your home, especially if your unique space can coincide well with other shapes. Consider ovals, circles and squares for specific spaces that you want to stand out from the rectangle rug box.

Decorating With Area Rugs Is Supposed To Be Fun, But Experts Are Always There To Help Make It Easier!

Area rug shopping is the type of thing that can be pretty time-consuming, which subsequently makes it a bit headache-inducing as well. The good news is that there are plenty of expert resources to use when you have questions about specific rug types, or are just trying to narrow down your best options based upon your home’s existing décor.

You can learn more about area rug shopping and interior design tips by speaking with the Rug Source team via the link to their homepage at the top of the article!

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