Disasters That Can Happen When You Miss Out On Drain Survey


Your home is a haven until you neglect the roles of being a homeowner. A properly functioning house is an asset, and to enjoy life as a homeowner, you need to opt for the drain survey.

The CCTV drain survey is a necessary inspection that tells you about the condition of the drains. The drains have an essential job, which is to carry the wastewater out of your house. Therefore, you have to check if the drains are in perfect condition, and function properly for a long time.

All the homeowners who are neglecting the drain survey of the house must know there are bad consequences of not maintaining the house, which we will tell you.

Importance Of Drain Survey

Lack of adequate maintenance of the house will always lead to disaster. The CCTV drain survey shows inside of your drains, which is the best way to know if you require drainpipe replacement. Moreover, the survey tells if there is a problem of blockage in your pipes.

New homebuyers need to inspect the house, which they are interested in buying. When buying the new house, you must see if the new house’s drains are in perfect condition, as you have to spend extra money on fixing the pipes. That can increase the expenditure cost for you.

Here are the disasters that you can avoid by regular CCTV drain surveys

·        Perpetual Structural Damage

Perpetual structural damages are disastrous for your house. The perpetual damage happens when the water escapes through your drain and enter your walls. The water causes the wall to lose its strength, which is why water causes structural damage to your house. This phenomenon is common in many buildings that avoid drain surveys. Also, leaking water makes the building unsafe for living.

·        Health Hazards

If not structural damage, the water leaking through your pipe leads to health hazards. The wet walls are the breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Mold formation can cause a lot of respiratory problems in humans due to the spores they produce.

·        Dirty Water

Drains job is to carry dirty water out of your house. In the drain blockage case, the dirty water starts to enter your house, which is not good for the property.

·        Foul Odors

The dirty water is also the reason behind the foul odor, which is not a good living condition. So, to figure out the problem in your drains, you must opt for surveying your drains.

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