Tips You Can Use When Hiring A Skip


Skip hire is the life savior for the people who have accumulated the mountain of piles in their home or office. With Skip hire, you can dispose of all that rubbish safely. However, not all people know how to hire the best Sutton skip hire service to make their lives easy. So, enlighten such people, we bought some tips that can help them to select the best skip hire service in their locality

Tips For Hiring A Skip Service

Skip Placement

When you choose a Banstead skip hire to dispose of your domestic or commercial waste, you need to make space for keeping skip. You need to choose a perfect place for placing the skip to help you make your life more hassle-free.

Placing the skip at a driveway or your property does not require any permit. However, you need to see that the skip will become heavy with the use, and you might not be able to move it easily. Therefore, make sure you choose the spot where you can keep the skip permanently for a long period without any problem of moving.

Easy Access

The Trucks use by the Banstead Skip hire services are heavy. Therefore, you need to find a way for the truck to access the skip, easily. Moreover, if the skip bin pathway is tricky, you need to tell the situation to the truck driver in advance.

Choose Perfect Size

No one besides you can help you determine the perfect skip size for your facility. To solve the problem, you need to estimate the number of waste products in your house or facility. Finding the exact size is crucial, as overfilling of skip is illegal. Moreover, if you choose the small skip size, you might end up paying for the second skip. That can cost you more than buying a bigger size skip.

Therefore, just to be on the safe side, choose a bigger skip size than your estimation

Smart Skip Loading

If you choose a Sutton skip hire service for disposing of your construction project’s waste, you must see the filling of the skip is carried out properly. The bigger and heavier item must be placed first in the skip. On top of the heavier item, you can place the lighter objects.  After placing the lighter object on top of bulkier objects, you can fill the skip with the smaller object to fill the remaining gap between heavier and lighter items.

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