Getting Ready For Home Renovations and Extensions


Your house is your most valuable investment. It is also your family’s home and haven. As such, you want to maintain and improve it to accommodate your family’s needs and to preserve your investment. As a house age, the wear and tear on the house will become more and more apparent. In addition, the original design of the house may not fit the new needs of the growing family anymore. When these things happen, it is time to consider a home renovation or extension. This process can disrupt the routines of the household while the work is being done. To prepare for these disruptions, here are some tips that you can consider.

Be Clear About Timelines

When you and the home renovation company settle on the type of renovation or extension to do, it is important to get clarification on the timeline of the work. This will determine how your family will need to modify your routines while the work is in progress. Get agreement on a definitive start date so the workers will have unobstructed access to their work site. Get an estimate of the date of completion so you can plan ahead.

Preparing for Kitchen Renovations

Obviously, when your kitchen undergoes a renovation, you will not be able to use it to prepare meals and your family will have no access to any of the foods stored in the kitchen. If the renovation requires replacing your refrigerator, you will need t  remove all of the perishables from the refrigerator and leave it as empty as possible. During your kitchen renovation, the easiest thing to do might be to purchase prepared meals from a restaurant from the time being. If only the kitchen is being renovated, you might want to set up a temporary location where you can store non-perishable items like snacks that your family can still access. 

Room Extensions

If you are adding extra rooms, the rooms adjacent to the extension will need to be vacated. Plan ahead if that means modifying the sleeping arrangements for your family members while the work is being done. If a bathroom is being added or expanded, plan to only use the bathroom that is not being renovated.

Preparing For the Addition of a New Storey

If you are adding another storey to your one-level house, you and your family will need to stay somewhere else. You might need to rent a place if the construction will take a while. Figure out the essentials that your family needs during the construction period and organize the move. The temporary move might be an inconvenience, but remind the family that it will be all worth it when you come back to a house that is almost doubled in size.

Premier Services From Bayside Extensions

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