Matt Davies Stockton Examines Furniture Options for Your Spare Bedroom



According to Matt Davies Stockton, when furnishing a spare bedroom, you have to decide how you want to use the space available. For instance, you can decorate it with only the essential bedroom furniture or turn the room into a multipurpose space for work or entertainment.

The Options

Here are a few furniture options that you can include in your spare bedroom:

  1. A comfortable queen-size bed – A spare bedroom must include a bed, but it doesn’t have to be fancy. Usually, a simple but comfortable queen-size bed is enough for most people, especially if the room is small to medium in size.

However, if you have enough space or want to turn the space into a guest bedroom, you can choose to install a king-size bed for the added luxury or two twin-size beds. Ensure you choose beds with storage options since they are a better investment and would provide you or your guests with extra storage options. Also, ensure you have a few extra soft and clean blankets and pillows in the room.

  1. A closet for storing clothes – If you want to utilize the spare bedroom as a guest bedroom, it is essential to include a closet so that your guests can store their clothing and other belongings in it.

Alternatively, you can choose to include a dresser if you have a small space or even a luggage rack that makes it convenient to pack and unpack clothing. Additionally, a chest of drawers will allow even more options for storing personal belongings.

  1. A desk or bedside table – A desk and chair set are usually the ideal combination if you have ample space in a room. You can place a laptop on the desk and turn it into your work-from-home space. If you frequently have guests at home, they can also use the space to do their work or simply use it as a reading table.

If there is not enough space to store a large desk and chair set, you can opt to install a bedside table with a reading light instead. A bedside table is easy to access which makes them very convenient to use at night when you don’t want to get out of bed.

  1. Important essentials – The spare bedroom should include a wastebasket since it makes it easier to dispose of dry trash and helps to keep the room clean and tidy. It also makes sense to include a comfy rug that can fill the space with mesmerizing texture and color and a comfortable vibe.

A full-length mirror or even a large mirror fitted above a dresser can improve the decor of the room. Finally, it should include a few decorative art pieces and ample lighting so that you can infuse the spare bedroom with a cozy vibe and make it easy to navigate.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests you consider the size of the spare bedroom and your budget when shopping for new furniture. It would allow you to make better purchasing decisions that you would not regret in the future.

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