Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean Longer


A clean carpet looks fantastic, smells fantastic, and feels so lovely to walk on. Unfortunately, with any flooring in your home or office, you will get stains that appear unexpectedly.

If you have children, pets, or even if you eat and drink in your office (and you probably do), there is bound to be a time when the carpet needs to be cleaned. Cleaning experts who handle carpet cleaning malibu understand that you want your carpet looking great for as long as possible.

Find below the best ways to keep your clean carpet longer:

  1. Always vacuum

The first step to keeping your carpet clean is by vacuuming it regularly. Preferably twice a week. Vacuuming helps lift the dirt and trap the particles, which keep your carpets cleaner for longer. Also, vacuum in straight lines and avoid overlapping each stroke you make while vacuuming to get the best results.

  1. Vacuum more when your carpet gets dirty

Carpets can get dirtier faster if you have pets, children or eat and drink in your office with little care about where the food particles fall. In this case, it is good that you vacuum more often until the carpet looks as new as before.

  1. Know the outstanding cleaning products for different carpet types

The challenge is that most people ignore this when it comes to carpet care. The items you use in your home will make a big difference in how clean your carpets stay over time. Use mild cleaners which won’t leave any residues behind and provide a fresh scent after cleaning.

Avoid using harsh chemicals which don’t work well and can even cause more dirt to settle in the carpet.

  1. Hire the best professional carpet cleaning service in town

Hiring a professional company that specializes in carpet cleaning will be an advantage to you and your carpets.

Know the best products that work for different carpets and take time to do a deep cleaning that results in a fantastic scent.

  1. Avoid spills as much as possible

Everyone makes mistakes, but knowing what not to do can help keep your carpets clean longer. If you spill something on your carpet, clean it immediately before it settles in the fibers. Taking time to remove spills will save you from soaking up residues that are hard to remove.

  1. Use cables with different textures for added safety

Stainless steel cables can help dissipate static electricity, so instead of using just one type, consider using different styles so you can avoid the risk of static electricity building up and attracting dust to your carpet.

  1. Get rid of stains as soon as possible

If you have pets or children, then this is likely something that happens often. Instead of covering the stain with furniture while it dries out, remove the stain and clean the area. Blot and do not rub so you can avoid damaging your carpet fibers.


Keeping your carpets clean doesn’t have to be hard when you use the right products and take some time to do it. When you lack time and do it yourself, hiring a company specializing in cleaning carpets is a perfect solution for your needs.

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