What questions should you ask when buying replacement windows and doors?


Not many people are familiar with buying replacement windows and doors. As a result, knowing what questions to ask during a windows and doors consultation may be difficult. Most homeowners do not realize that windows and doors require attention, care, and maintenance to keep them in top functional condition; and when everything fails, replace them without delay.

Consequently, if you are planning to buy replacement windows and doors, here are what questions to ask during a windows and doors consultation:

1. What Material Are The Windows and Doors Made Of?

The performance of replacement windows and doors will undoubtedly be influenced by the materials they are made of. The most common materials used for windows and doors fabrication include wood, vinyl, aluminum, fibreglass, and composite materials. These materials have their strengths and downsides. As a result, you need to consider your options before making a choice.

2. What Are The Pros And Cons of The Materials Considering Our Climate?

It is important to choose windows and doors made with materials that are best suited for your climate region. Ask about maintenance, resistance to harsh weather, and lots more. However, keep in mind that wood needs more care to prevent rot and decay, but it is strong, beautiful, and has higher insulation properties. Vinyl is low maintenance without the possibility of deterioration or rot. Composite material is also great as it incorporates different materials to achieve strength, enhanced performance, and low maintenance.

3. What Type of Glass Is Used For The Windows?

Apart from the material used for window frames, the glass used for making windows also contributes to their performance. There is double and triple-paned window glass with argon gas filled in-between to boost insulation. Also, Low-E coating may be added to the glass’s surface to reduce over 80 percent of ultraviolet rays from penetrating the windows without reducing natural light.

4. Can The Windows and Doors Improve The Home’s Energy Efficiency?

Knowing the energy efficiency ratings of replacement windows and doors can help boost the overall energy efficiency of the home. Windows are usually rated according to their energy efficiency. For instance, windows with lower “U-Factor” have higher insulation and resistance to heat. They will undoubtedly enhance the overall energy efficiency of the home.

5. Do The Windows and Doors Have A Warranty?

It is essential to know if there is a manufacturer’s warranty on the replacement windows and doors before buying them. Meanwhile, you should make sure that you read the terms and conditions for the warranty to avoid voiding it unknowingly. Usually, the warranty may not cover installation issues and material failure under some conditions. Some manufacturers recommend certain installers to install their products.


If you are looking for what questions to ask during a windows and doors consultation, read the tips above to guide you in making the best buy decision for your replacement windows and doors.

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