3 Biggest Mistakes Hosts Make on Airbnb 


The popularity of Airbnb is rising, as more and more homeowners find the opportunity to make big money for people looking for short-term vacation rentals. Yet although there is great earning potential, it’s important that you know the right tips before you dive in. Although it may sound fairly straightforward, the truth is that a lot can go wrong if you aren’t well prepared. In order to make your Airbnb hosting experience as positive as possible, make sure that you look out for these mistakes. 

Posting Low-Quality Photos 

Some Airbnb hosts are so excited to get started renting their property, that they hastily post photos of their property that are grainy and poor quality. Photos are one of the most important aspects of attracting renters. 

It doesn’t matter how well your front yard is maintained, how fancy your furniture is, or whether you put a fresh coat of paint on your home, if a picture doesn’t reflect the beauty of your home, then you’re not going to get as much attention on your listing as you would like. Pay attention to important factors such as photo lighting, angles, and of course, clarity. 

Posting photos that are extremely grainy and out of focus looks unprofessional. If hiring a professional photographer is outside of your price range, then that’s okay. Smartphones come with great cameras nowadays, and as long as you know some of the right photography tips, you can manage to take fantastic photos of your property yourself. 

Failing to Define Rules 

One of the most important parts of ensuring that your property is well looked after is clearly defining what the rules are. If people shouldn’t go in a certain area of the house, or if you prefer no more than a certain number of guests, then it should be clearly defined on your listing. 

If a guest breaks a rule that was never defined as a rule in the first place, you may not be able to be compensated for it. However, if a guest clearly goes against a guideline that was visibly listed on your Airbnb page, then it will be up to them to pay the consequences. People can only follow rules that they are aware exist. So make sure that you’re explicitly clear with your home’s rules from the very beginning. 

Not Adjusting Your Prices 

Some parts of the year are more popular than others. Keeping your listing at the same price all year round is a missed opportunity. Make sure that you adjust your pricing based on the demand of your area. There may be certain holidays or periods of time that people are less likely to rent your home. You can entice people to rent from you even during slow periods by lowering your price accordingly. 

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