5 Important Tips For Living Off The Grid


Living off grid is becoming more popular as time passes.  Utility bills are becoming too expensive for some people to swallow, and off grid living is one way to take matters into your own hands.  

Living off grid offers more perks than just saving on your electric bill.  There’s a freedom that is unmatched.  If you’re considering taking your living situation off the grid, you should first do some research.  Start now by checking out these important tips for living off the mainstream power grid.  

Choose your location wisely

You can honestly go off-grid to a certain extent anywhere you live, but finding a special place that is more agreeable to a totally off-grid lifestyle will likely leave you more comfortable in the long run.  

Consider the climate, the wildlife, the soil quality, the water sources, and the lay of the land as you search out a good spot to plant your new life.  You need to be familiar with the weather patterns, the nearby resources, and the makeup of the soil before you make your final decision.  

Have multiple power sources 

Having power is a huge part of living a comfortable life, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of your wallet or your planet.  Solar is the most productive and mainstream way to provide power off the grid.  

However, you will want to have more than one source of power as solar isn’t always reliable.  If you have a string of cloudy days, you could have trouble producing enough power for your everyday lifestyle.  

You may have a technical or mechanical issue with your main power source.  Prepare for the times when you need a backup, and keep your generator in good working order.  Don’t get stuck in the dark, and always have a plan “B” available.  

Collect rainwater if possible 

Your body needs water more than it needs lights or even food.  A rainwater catchment setup is a great way to collect water for your daily life.  Rainwater works wonderfully for showers, washing dishes, doing laundry, and watering the garden.  

You can drink the water you collect from the rain, but you still need to put it through a filtration and purification process.  The setup process may take a lot of effort, but a well-designed rain catchment system will provide you water for many many years into the future.  

Use satellite for communications

Living truly off the grid may place you in a fairly remote area, and you need a reliable form of communication for safety purposes.  If you want to assure that you will have access to a phone when you need it, go with satellite communications.  You can even get a satellite wi-fi hotspot for all your online needs.  

Maintain your own garden 

Finally, you need a reliable food source to sustain you.  You can probably make it to the grocery store on occasion, but having your own food on site is a great way to live comfortably off the grid.  

Do the research it takes to educate yourself on the climate and soil where you live, and start your own fresh food garden.  Use your rainwater to keep your crops hydrated, and enjoy the delicious fruits (or vegetables) of your labors firsthand.  

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