All You Need To Know About Piling


Continuous Flight Auger or CFA piles are the elements of reinforced concrete that are executed in holes of proper machinery that is done by excavation, loco, etc. this gives support to the development of bored piles and keep them stable to the grounds’ conditions. The auger is removed once the hole is perfectly excavated. The execution of CFA piling is a perfect technique for urban environments where the soil is hard because of the minimal level of noise and vibration.

Why Foundation Piling Is Used?

Foundation piling gives support to the building or other structures that are constructed using different types of materials like wood, steel, iron, concrete, etc. it keeps the structure stable from the deep of the ground and keeps the foundation perfect always. As foundation piling stabilizes the structure, it must be sturdy so that it can easily cope up with the pressure and weight even if they are on an extreme level.

Different Types Of Piling

There are different types of foundation piles available such as driven piles, drove piles, CFA piling, SFA piles, etc. before applying any particular piling technique, the technician thus checks the suitability of the structure to determine the right type of piles for the construction process. Let’s know different types of piles in brief:

·       Driven Piles:

These types of piles are made of wood, concrete, and steel and are inserted into the ground with the help of a pile driver. The driver helps the surrounding earth to move aside and let the pile be inserted in the ground smoothly which finally results in the resistance of the driven piles.

·       CFA Piles:

CFA piles are drilled and concreted to install the piles inside when the construction process is going on. Because of the efficiency and perfection of this type of pile, it is widely used by people throughout the world.

·       SFA Piles:

SFA or sectional flight Auger is a technique of piling that helps in keeping the access restricted with limited depth and diameter. These are often considered as the support for the CFA piles which are applied in the development process aftermath.

·       Drove Piles:

Drove piles are of limited diameter and depth but are more convenient and easy to use by the practitioners. Once the drove piles are inserted into the ground and settled, they are removed, and then CFA is put in the place till the structure gets its position and stability well.

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