Building an Extension? Have you Thought About Natural Light?


Natural light is the perfect part of the recipe for an extension. Once the extension is complete, natural light has the opportunity to make the extra space, feel extra spacious. Natural light can have an impact on any aspect of interior design, as well as making a room come to life and connect with the outside world. As well as providing a range of health benefits.

With thanks to daylight, people have the option to create something special, something unique, and something that the whole family will enjoy.

When a new extension is built, the original room is normally longer. This means that natural light has the abilities to penetrate further into the house, as the vertical windows are moved further away. Quite often, the original room can becomedark and gloomy, and even on the brightest of days, meaning that the electric lights will have to be switched on.Whilst planning your extension,always consider how natural light will be included and added to your new extension.

In a typical home, lighting will account for 25-40 percent of its energy consumption. When having your extension, by allowing for more natural light to enter and control both its light and heat components, the savings for your family could be considerable. By simply letting the sun shine in, can reduce energy costs for you and your family whilst delivering all the benefits. Just by making small changes to the way you use windows, doors and skylights, you can take full advantage of the free light and energy that the sun provides to us.

Perfect for traditional extensions,roof lanterns will not only fill a space with natural daylight, but will add drama and height to your interiors. They’re a wonderful great addition to new kitchensand sunrooms/conservatories. For many years now rooflights have been a popular choice for people and their homes, and the latest designs can make all the difference to your new or existing extension. in a Whether it be a new living or dining space, over a kitchen island, or in a bathroom, installing roof lights where side light isn’t possible, or simply if you’re just keen to free up wall space.

One advantage of natural light in your new home extension is there is no need for fixing. Natural light is also cost free for you and your family as natural light doesn’t cost a thing, it doesn’t belong to anyone. According to scientists, natural light will never end. By having a rooflight installed, you will have natural light flooding in, allowing your family to enjoy their lifestyles. The increase in the natural light that skylights can provide to us, can have a variety of not only physical, but psychological benefits. Skylights do not only help to bring new life to a room, but also improve our health and happiness too.

Installing a skylight on an extension in your home, an ultrasky rooflight will give your home the warm feeling and space of natural light. Contact us today, don’t delay.

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