Five Ways To Create Privacy In Your Garden


Following the international health crisis, a great number of homeowners around the UK sought to relocate themselves to properties with outdoor spaces, so as to be able to enjoy their own patch of nature, regardless of circumstances. For those owning gardens for the first time, however, there is a small learning curve, with many being surprised at the lack of privacy.

Whether a garden is situated below a number of apartments or it is situated beside the neighbours’, you are likely to find that a portion, if not all, of your garden is within someone else’s point of view. Not only does this add a certain amount of pressure on keeping your garden environment neat and pristine, but it may also prevent your ability to relax, knowing that you may surreptitiously be watched.

Clearly, however, this does not deter people from the appeal of garden spaces and homeowners have, instead, figured out a number of ways to retain their privacy while still being able to enjoy the outdoors. For those first-time garden owners, here are five tips to help you create privacy in your outdoor space!

Grow Your Plants

One of the most beautiful ways to divide your garden space, creating barriers between yourself and the perspective of others, is to utilise nature and grow your plants. Hedges have long been an effective way to deter noise and onlookers, however, they can also prevent a substantial amount of light from reaching your living space. Instead, consider trees or hanging plants, those that keep their full leaves year-round.


Instead of keeping your garden space exposed, you can consider summer houses and annexes instead. These buildings are excellent ways to enjoy your garden space while obscured from view. They also allow you to use your garden throughout the year too, regardless of poor weather.

Fencing Out

While fencing remains one of the most popular and effective methods of privacy for a garden, it is becoming less popular due to its often abrasive design. If fences are a necessity for the style of your property, then be sure to consider high-quality materials and designs to ensure that the neighbours aren’t upset!

Natural Rooftop

Gazeboes and rooftops can be easily established with a garden space, made with separated slats, similar to a bedframe, to allow for plenty of light to get through. These spaces are often covered in climbing plants too, such as ivy, to both beautify them and obscure those relaxing beneath. With the right construction, they are also perfect for cats to adventure upon.

Draw The Curtains

Screen curtains are available for gardens and come in a variety of natural aesthetics that allow them to effortlessly integrate into your garden space. Their design allows for users to choose between creating a private space to relax within or, when pulled back, an unobscured perspective. Additionally, their all-weather fabric ensures that they remain robust in all weathers and are often the first choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

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