New Technologies Mean Increased Security Options


As with all things in this modern world, technology can help make our lives faster, easier, and more secure. Security technology is no different. There are plenty of new advancements in security technology that we will discuss in this article today, from facial recognition to CCTV and smart electronic door locks.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition has come a long way from where we first saw it in sci-fi movies. Facial recognition technology is now so advanced that it can fit inside your phone and is trusted by millions to keep their private information secure. Facial recognition works by measuring the distance between specific facial features and comparing them to an original image to determine if the face in question belongs to the same person. We use facial recognition in many security measures across the world, from our phones to passport scanners and surveillance cameras.

Biometric Security

Facial recognition is categorized as a biometric security feature. Biometric security features are incredible security technological advancements. Biometric security technologies also include fingerprint, iris, and retina scanners. These biometric security features work in the same way as the facial scanner by comparing measurements of distances and features to the original. Another form of biometric security is voice recognition. We again see voice recognition being used daily in many of our phones’ virtual assistants.

The most incredible part of these biometric security technologies is how often they are used in most of our daily lives. These days, our incredibly powerful cell phones have access to this technology, and we use it to keep our private information secure and safe.

The power of our phones

A large amount of this technology we see daily on our computers and smartphones. Our phones have become powerful tools that we can use to improve our security. These days, home security systems can have cameras that can be accessed right from your phone. With this technology, we can have the security of a full home alert system right in our back pocket. Because of technological advancements, it is as though we can take our precious things with us everywhere we go, right in our back pocket.

Electronic door locks

A lot of these powerful security technologies can also be used to keep our homes secure. Many electronic door locks can be fitted with biometric measures. You can set doors to be unlocked by scanning a fingerprint, using facial recognition, iris and retina scans, or even voice activation.

If you’re someone who often forgets your keys, electronic doors with biometric scanners can be a lifesaver. You’ll never need to worry about being locked out again when your key is your own body. And even better, you never need to worry about needing to give another person keys to your home. Electronic door locks can be given unique pins, which allow you to give other people a temporary access code to your house without giving them a key or permanent access. These unique pins can be set for just hours or days at a time. With an electronic door lock, you never need to worry about spare keys going missing or wondering who has access to your home.

Adapting to these advancements in security is a surefire way to keep you and your loved ones safe while enjoying all the savvy features. Make sure to keep yourself updated on the latest security tech and learn more about it before trying it out.

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